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All pairing and individual results for all groups are on Chess-Results.com.

Paring will be according to Rating.

Saturday evening Time Odd's Blitz tournament.

(1 min extra diffrence

each 100 rating points.)

Rating diffrence (elo)Time
0-995 min - 5 min
100 - 1994 min - 6 min
200 - 2993 min - 7 min
300 - 3992 min - 8 min
more than 400

1 min - 9 min

Live Games

r1 r2 r3 r4 r5 r6

Games (pgn)

All Games for each group can be reached on Chess-Results. (see Paring)


Pictures from the tournament will be available on the http://skak.is. Iceland's daily chess news site.


A group Rtg Country B group Rtg Country
Daniel Ebeling 2349 FIN Joar Olund 2222 SWE
Jonathan Westerberg 2348 SWE Tom Rydstrom 2151 SWE
Philip Lindgren 2263 SWE Hogni Egilstoft Nielsen 2055 FAI
Erik Ronka 2099 FIN Julius Rauramaa 2037 FIN
Erlend Mikalsen 2103 NOR Dagur Ragnarsson 1961 ISL
Simon Pil Wilbrandt 2062 DEN Dennis Liu 1937 FIN
Mikael Johann Karlsson 1990 ISL Jens Albert Ramsdal 1953 DEN
Nokkvi Sverrisson 1990 ISL Tobias Ilsoe Jensen 1898 DEN
Alexander Jessen 1945 DEN Snorre Rygg 1837 NOR
Fredrik Beer Jacobsen 1896 NOR Jon Trausti Hardarson 1853 ISL
Heidrikur T. Jacobsen 1876 FAI Hakon N Nordstrom 1845 NOR
Runi Vormadal 1691 FAI Runi T. Jacobsen 1469 FAI
C group D group
Lars Oskar Hauge 2181 NOR Tobias Dreisler 1893 DEN
Martin Percivaldi 2061 DEN Arunn Ananthan 1732 DEN
Jesper Sondergaard Thybo 2039 DEN Hilmir Freyr Heimisson 1693 ISL
Oliver Aron Johannesson 1988 ISL Anastasia Nazarova 1705 FIN
Kjell Hakon Lien 1899 NOR Valo Hallman 1705 FIN
Matias Lappalainen 1887 FIN Dawid Kolka 1646 ISL
Axel Berglind 1798 SWE Daniel Johnson 1700 SWE
Jon Kristinn Thorgeirsson 1766 ISL Ng Klemens 1482 SWE
Anton Darnell 1724 SWE Ranaldi Lucas 1350 NOR
Silas Eydsteinsson 1692 FAI Eivind Olav Risting 1327 NOR
Soley Lind Palsdottir 1393 ISL Janus Skaale 1325 FAI
Eli W. Finnson 1385 FAI Ragnar Weihe 1129 FAI
E group
Vignir Vatnar Stefansson 1652 ISL
Filip Boe Olsen 1632 DEN
Tovio Keinanen 1519 FIN
Nansy Davidsdottir 1479 ISL
Sixten Rosager 1470 SWE
Gabriel Nguyen 1440 SWE
Mads H. Hasager 1419 DEN
Mariela Ebeling 1339 FIN
Andre Nielsen 1148 NOR
Leif Reinert Fjallheim 1000 FAI
Aleksander Flaesen 643 NOR
Jon I Horni Nielsen 0 FAI


Thursday, February 7:


19.00-21.00    Dinner     

21:30-22:00    Captains´s Meeting



Friday, February 8:

08.00-10.00    Breakfast  

11.30-14.00    Lunch      

13.00-17.00    1. round

17.30-19.00    Dinner     

19.00-23.00    2. round


Saturday, February 9:

08.00-10.00    Breakfast  

10.00-14.00    3. round

13.00-15.00    Lunch     

16.00-20.00    4. round

16.15                Nordic School Chess Comity Meeting.

19.00-21.00    Dinner    


Sunday, February 10:

08.00-10.00    Breakfast  

10.00-14.00    5. round

13.00-15.00    Lunch    

16.00-20.00    6. round

19.00-21.00    Dinner

21:00-21:30    Prize giving


Monday, February 11:

07.00   Breakfast

08.00   Departure


Tournament Regulations, individual 


1.    All Nordic countries have the right to participate in the championship, held once a year – preferably on the third weekend in February. The tournament will be held in shifts between countries by a mutual agreement.

2.    The organizing country will send out invitations to the Nordic countries no later than 3 months before the tournament. The invited countries will respond to this invitation no later than one month before the tournament, and submit a preliminary list of participants and the name and address of the "team" contact.

3.    The tournament is played in five different age groups. Each country has the right for two representatives of each age group. Each age group will consist of 10 or 12 players. The arranging country will set the number of players to each age group to achieve an even number of players, or 10 players per age group.

4.    Age group division is:

-          Class A: Players who in the year the Nordic Championships is played reaches 18, 19 or 20 years.

-          Class B: Players who in the year the Nordic Championships is played are 16 or 17 years.

-          Class C: Players who in the year the Nordic Championships is played are 14 or 15 years.

-          Class D: Players who in the year the Nordic Championships is played are 12 or 13 years.

-          Class E: Players who in the year the Nordic Championships is played are 11 years or less.

  1. The tournament is played over 6 rounds according to Swiss-system. Thinking time is 90 minutes for the game with 30 second increment for each move.

    The tournament is played according to FIDE's rules and the results will be FIDE rated.

    The order of places is determined by game points. In case of tie by the game points,

    1st tie-break is Buchholz without the opponent with lowest score
    2nd tie-break is Buchholz with all opponents
    3rd tie-break is Sonneborn-Berger
    4th tie-break is game(s) between the tied players
    5th tie-break is drawing of lots, if the prizes cannot be shared.

6.    The championship’s recommended playing schedule is:

-          1st day: arrival

-          2nd day: rounds 1 and 2

-          3rd day: rounds 3 and 4

-          4th day: rounds 5 and 6  

7.    The tournament director is nominated by the arranging country. Tournament director’s decisions can not be appealed. Organizing country takes care of the result service and that results are passed to FIDE rating calculation, if the appropriate age group has sufficient number of FIDE rated players.

8.    The winner of each age group achieves the title "Individual Nordic School Chess Champion". The organizer determines the award of prizes based on the following minimum provisions: The top three in each class are rewarded with a medal or trophy with the engraving. All participants are awarded a diploma or other participation certificates.

9.    The championship includes an unofficial team competition. The order is determined by the sum of points achieved by up to two players in each class. In case of tie, the sum of placing of the same players is decisive. The organizer decides whether it wants to reward the best national teams.

10. The participating countries pay their own travel costs for their competitors. Organizer country accounts for expenses during the tournament (cost, logistics, etc.) for a maximum of ten players and a team leader up to 4 days, depending on the individual country travel options. 

11. The individual countries’ federations are responsible for complying with these regulations.  

Accepted by the meeting of School Chess Committee in Tjele 14th February 2002 and revised by School Chess Committee in Oslo on 19th February 2005.

Translated to English and revised by the meeting of School Chess Committee in Espoo in 18th  February 2012.

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