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Semi finals: Stefánsson and Carlsen won their matches

Hannes Hlífar Stefánsson beat Sutovsky in the semi finals of the Glitnir Blitz 2006, while the Norwegian wonderboy Magnus Carlsen beat none other than the Blitz World Champion Vishy Anand. Stefánsson and Carlsen will then battle it out in the final of the tournament.

Magnus Carlsen is the Glitnir blitz 2006 champion!

The Norwegian wonderboy Magnus Carlsen became the unexpected champion in one of the strongest blitz tournaments held in the world this year, when he beat Hannes Hlífar Stefánsson in the final of the Glitnir blitz 2006, held over 2 days between 15. - 16. March. In the previous rounds the had eliminated such players as world no. 1 blitz player, Vishy Anand, and strongest female chess player in the world, Judit Polgar. Carlsen's achievemnt is quite remarkable and his victory over Israeli GM Sergey Erenburg, in the quarter finals, was quite an upset. Erenburg forced a decider by clinching the second match, but Carlsen proved the stronger of the two in sudden death, despite appearing to have an equal position. The rules of sudden death state that white is given 6 minutes against 5 for black. However, white then has to win while black only needs tie. When Carlsen had won, the crowd gave a standing ovation.

In the final Carlsen won the first match, after Stefánsson had blundered a piece. The second match also went Carlsen's way, despite struggling greatly on time.

Carlsen's victory in the Glitnir blitz 2006 tournament was a very convincing one, and he played like a true champion the whole time through. It will not be a big surprise if he, within a few years, is crowned world champion.

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