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Magnus CarlsenNorwegian chess player Magnus Carlsen (15) won the Glitnir Blitz 2006 chess tournament held in Reykjavík this week. Bjarni Ármannsson CEO of Glitnir presented the prize to Carlsen Thursday evening. This was an exciting and surprising end to the tournament, which is one of the worlds strongest blitz tournaments of this year. Carlsen beat Icelandic Grandmaster Hannes Hlífar Stefánsson in the final match. Carlsen won the first leg of the final match as Stefánsson made a blunder and also won the second game after an electrifying run against the clock.

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Many of the world´s strongest chess players had been eliminated by Carlsen and Stefánsson. Among them were Viswanathan Anand, world´s number two ranked chess player, world champion in rapid chess and Judit Polgar, strongest women´s chess player in the world. Anand has been unbeatable in rapid and blitz events in the last years, and Magnus Carlsens convincing victory 2-0 against Anand is an amazing feat for the 15 year old Norwegian, one that has drawn worldwide attention. This amazing genius is correctly called the Mozart of Chess.

Carlsen´s performance at the Glitnir Blitz recieved deserved attention, especially when he beat the Israeli grand master Sergey Erenburg in the quarter finals after he was in a tie position. He received roaring applause from the audience, which were several hundred at the tournament.

The Glitnir Blitz is an open chess tournament and a part of an International Chess Festival in Reykjavík from March 6-18, that started with the XXII. International Reykjavík Open Chess Tournament. Reykjavík had 70 grand masters of 40 nationalities visiting Iceland and over 200 people participated in the Glitnir Blitz. The Festival concludes on Saturday with a lecture and a concert at the Reykjavík City Hall, where the American grand master Maurice Ashley talks about the development of chess in inner city neighbourhoods of the United States. Ashley and Henry will then play a chess simul with children in the City Hall.

Glitnir will be the main sponsor of the Icelandic Chess Federation for the next two years. "This fabulous Chess Festival has marked an exciting beginning of our collaboration with the Chess Federation. We have had a blast with the Blitz and look forward to more exciting chess events” says Bjarni Ármannsson CEO of Glitnir. Guðfríður Lilja Grétarsdóttir, President of the Icelandic Chess Federation says “This collaboration is a great boost for us and encouraging to receive this support from Glitnir. It is important for us to hold big and exciting tournaments for the young chess players and we head onwards with the chess in Iceland.” Ahead are events such as the Family Chess Day, Generations Meet, The 2007 Reykjavík Rapid Chess Tournament, and all childrens chess championships.

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